Wright County's first baby of the new year

Tyler and KyLee Fischer are thrilled to introduce their first born child and the first baby of the new year in Wright County.

KyLee and Tyler Fischer’s brand new baby boy isn’t just their first child, he also happens to be the first baby of the New Year in Wright County, and they are ecstatic about his arrival.

            Aiden Tyler Fischer made his grand entrance into the world at 4:43 a.m. on January 2, 2020, exactly two weeks before his due date.  He weighed a healthy 7 pounds 11.8 ounces and was 20.25 inches long.  

            When the couple found out that they could potentially be delivering the first baby of the new year in Wright County, they admit it added a whole new level of excitement to the delivery for them.

            “We were pretty excited.  I didn’t think about it at all when we came in Tuesday for a checkup. They had us come back Wednesday and that’s when they said we might have the first baby of the new year,” said Tyler.  “That’s when we were like, ‘We have to get the number one baby here.’

            The couple said that all went well with the delivery, but admitted it was a long night.  KyLee eventually ended up having a C-section.  Although it was unexpected, both mother and baby did well and are healthy and strong.

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