Rustic Raven sets up shop in Clarion

Rebekah Bloonquist, Brook Rasmuson and Sam Stumpf with the Rustic Raven. Photo by Kacey Ginn

For some, starting a business is a longtime dream. But for Brook Rasmuson and Sam Stumpf of the Rustic Raven, a decorative sign business, getting started was almost an accident. But within three years, a one-time job turned into a hobby, then an online business, then the basis for their own store.

Previously, they both provided daycare out of their homes. They decided to hand paint a sign for the daycare business at Stumpf’s house. Immediately, they got a lot of comments and requests from friends for something similar.

“Everybody wanted signs,” Rasmuson said.

From there, signmaking turned into a hobby. They would sell pieces at vendor fairs, then eventually began selling in stores and online. It turned into a fully-fledged sign business out of Rasmuson’s basement in Belmond.

Stumpf and Rasmuson moved their business into a side addition to the Stumpf's new home at 602 North Main Street in Clarion in November and had their grand opening on December 9. They were kept busy with shoppers over the Christmas season and are also starting sign-painting classes.


For the full story, see the January 11 edition of the Wright County Monitor.