Medicaid: What's to come

Senator Amanda Regan hosted an informal meeting to discuss the state’s Medicaid Modernization program at North Iowa Area Community College on Friday.

Big changes are on the way for anybody that depends on Medicaid.

Over the next few weeks, the 560,000 Iowans that use Medicaid for their healthcare coverage will be receiving information about the Iowa Health Link program, which will shift the administration of Medicaid from the state to four private companies.

 This program was created in response to ongoing rise in medical care costs and the state's increasing responsibility to fund Medicaid.


Funding for Iowa's $4.2 billion Medicaid budget is split between the state and the federal government, with the state's contribution being dependent on their per capita personal income. Since 2010, as Iowa's economy has grown, so has their obligation to provide a greater portion of Medicaid funds. Where the state paid only 36.71% of the total Medicaid fund in 2010, it's projected share for 2016 is 44.93%.


For the full story, see the October 15 edition of the Monitor.