Knoshaug reflects back on fifty plus years of service to Clarion

This photo of Dewayne Knoshaug from 1967 appeared in The Wright County Monitor. Back in the 60’s, Knoshaug was so active in Clarion that hardly a week went by without his name mentioned in the newspaper. His participation in the community continued for the next 50 years.

            When Dewayne Knoshaug arrived in Clarion in the mid 1960’s, there is no way he could have known the longtime and lasting impact he would eventually have on the community. Now, at age 81, he reflects back on his time in the area and especially on the many years he spent as a member of the local Lions Club.

            One of the remarkable things about Knoshaug’s impact on the Clarion community is that he is not originally from the area. Knoshaug grew up on a farm near Tioga, North Dakota. He eventually made his way south to attend Iowa State as a botany major. He planned on teaching and then going into administration but quickly changed his mind after spending some time in the classroom. Knoshaug admits he became interested in law after watching Perry Mason on TV. He graduated from Drake law school in 1963 and pursued a job opportunity in Clarion. He originally worked at a three-person law office in town that quickly became a solo practice with him at the helm.


For the full story, see the Nov. 1st edition of the Monitor