Honor Flight especially meaningful this time of year

At this time of year, Americans across this great nation take time to pause and pay tribute to our Veterans who gave their life defending our freedoms as they celebrate Memorial Day.  The Brushy Creek Honor Flight works 365 days a year to honor those Veterans still living, continuously raising funds to send them to Washington, D.C., free of charge, to give them a day of recognition they will never forget.  Recently, seven Wright County Veterans were part of this experience.

On the morning of Saturday, May 11, Marvin Hamer, Tom Fevold, Leroy Orr, Tom Erickson, Dennis Mraz, Paul Wright, and Steve Olson (who went as medical support) all arrived at the Fort Dodge airport in the early morning hours.  They were greeted by a grateful crowd who was there cheering them off on their way as they headed off on their day of being honored.  Upon their arrival in Washington, D.C., they were greeted by an even bigger crowd.

“One of the most impressive things (of the day) was just getting off the plane in D.C.” said Veteran Paul Wright of Eagle Grove who served from 1974 - 1976 as a Navy Hospital Corman who spent time with the Marine Corp.  “There had to be over 400 people there...that formed two lines of people from when we got off the airplane all the way out to and around the bus we boarded.  They were waving flags and shaking our hands...that right there brought tears to my eyes.  I felt like the President.”


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