County-wide trails plan released

The routes marked here show the different phases the trails could potentially be implemented--not specific routes. Trail routes will be dependent on willing partners to donate or sell land. This map is part of the recenly released trails system plan brochure. 

In March of last year, Wright County Economic Development began working with MIDAS Council of Governments to develop a county-wide trails plan. In June 2017, a trails committee was also formed, composed of local residents and a few outside advisors.

This week, MIDAS and the trails committee were able to bring a first draft of the trails plan before the county supervisors to review.

“Wright County Economic Development supports it,” said Sara Sheller, county marketing specialist. “It’s a fantastic way to get people to come here and want to visit.” She added that studies show that property values are increased by proximity to trails.

The goal to establish a trail between the end of the Three Rivers Trail, just northwest of Eagle Grove, and the Franklin Grove Heritage Trail in Belmond, would be accomplished in various “legs”; connecting Clarion and Belmond to Lake Cornelia; connecting Eagle Grove to the Three Rivers Trail and to Clarion, and then possibly adding in trails to the smaller cities (Goldfield to Eagle Grove, Woolstock to Eagle Grove, and Clarion to Dows through Galt).


For the full story, see the June 21 edition of the Monitor.