Clothing Closet opens its doors in Clarion to help those in need

Clothing Closet organizer Hannah Johnson stands in the store area at First Lutheran Church in Clarion. The Closet is now open and provides clothing and food assistance. Photo by Bridget Shileny

            This past week, Hannah Johnson was scurrying around First Lutheran Church in Clarion. She was making sure clothing racks were filled, shoes were sorted and food was on the shelves.  Johnson was preparing for last Thursday night, when the Clothing Closet officially opened.

            The Clothing Closet is a new effort underway at First Lutheran Church. It offers clothing assistance, as well providing some food pantry options and personal hygiene products. Clothing Closet creator Hannah Johnson explains how the “store” works. People can utilize the Closet once a month. Each person will be able to choose up to seven clothing items and one pair of shoes a month, as well as up to five food items and two toothbrushes per person.  From infants to adult options, both men and women, there is clothing for all.

            Johnson also adds that the Closet will be available for everyone and is very discrete. People are not required to be members of First Lutheran Church or even from Clarion to use it. Johnson said, “We’re hoping to serve the community regardless of faith, language, and income status.” She also emphasizes that people have privacy when they’re using the Clothing Closet.


For the full story, see Aug. 8th edition of the Monitor