Carmen’s Supermarket brings taste of Mexico to Clarion

The Gomez family all pitches in to help at Carmen’s Supermarket, which now offers authentic Mexican food to order.

Things are really cooking at Carmen’s Supermarket in Clarion.

The grocery store on HWY 3 is approaching their first year of offering freshly cooked Mexican food for patrons after expanding their grocery business into a restaurant.

Carmen’s Supermarket opened in August of 2015 and is managed by Carmen Gomez, who runs the store with the help of her family. The store offers groceries, basic services, and specializes in large meat orders, but over the last year a lot of attention has been given to food service.

“It’s a full time commitment,” said Carlos Gomez, Carmen’s son and a senior at CDG High School. “You basically have to be here all day, every day.”

The kitchen at Carmen’s is run by Juana Gomez, Carmen’s mother, who has brought their family’s home cooking to the masses. Juana is the restaurant’s exclusive cook, working long hours every day to provide customers with an authentic taste of Mexico.

“Everything we do is freshly made. None of it is pre-cooked.” said Carlos. “This is food that I would be having at home.”

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