Consider using stimulus to pay it forward

The Stimulus package presents an opportunity to extract lessons from both the Biden administration and Gov. Reynolds. Some charge the package is too much, poorly targeted. Study the painting “Rubin’s faces”. First you see two faces. Look again and you see a vase. Let the image of opportunity emerge from that of frustration. For those that are concerned that this “firehose” of money will be going to folks who don’t need it, lean into President Biden’s empathy and into Gov. Reynold’s favorite line that she “trusts Iowans to do the right thing.” Take your own initiative and reallocate the stimulus. 

There is need in our communities and there are numerous organizations that are making a difference.  You know the needs of your local community better than your elected officials. If you care about folks getting enough food, make a contribution to Upper Des Moines Opportunity, North Iowa Community Kitchen, or any local organization with a track record of addressing food insecurity.  If you care about our Latino neighbors, make a contribution to La Luz Centro Cultural in Hampton, Al Exito in Clarion. If you care about North Iowa’s local food system, make a contribution to Healthy Harvest of North Iowa. Contribute to the Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank’s matching program to raise funds to purchase local food this upcoming season. If you care about a nonpartisan discussion of policy issues, make a contribution to Iowa League of Women Voters. If you care about LGBTQ+ community, support One Iowa.

These suggestions don’t presume to reflect all the options you might consider. Do your research - find the organizations that matches your priorities. If you don’t need the funds yourself, stand up for a North Iowa that is about empathy and doing the right thing.


Jan Libbey & Tim Landgraf

Kanawha, IA



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