Wright County 4-H Fun Nite raises money for programs

The 2019 4-H Fun Nite Royalty was crowned during events held Saturday, March 30 at the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School.  Pictured from left are Tessa Warnke, Mia Toomsen, Prince Blake Jackson, Prince Easton Smith , King Ryan Watne, Queen Gabby Hackley, Princess Lindsay Watne, Sheridan Fox, and Hannah Demory.  Photo by Kim Demory

The annual Wright County 4-H Fun Nite was held this past Saturday, March 30 at the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School after being rescheduled due to winter weather.  Each year, the event encourages people of all ages from around the county to come out and enjoy an evening of food, fun, games, and the crowning of the Fun Nite royalty as a means for raising funds to support local 4-H programs.  
Once again, one of the most popular venues at the event was the “Chance” table.  It offered kids of all ages the chance to win a variety of prizes.  Each 4-H member is asked to assemble a jar or package of some sort filled with at least $2 worth of prizes.  Each year, the creativity seems to get better and better.  Some brought water bottles filled with gum and stickers.  Others were canisters filled with key chains, sweet tarts, and Skittles.  Others were a can of pop wrapped with popcorn and a candy bar.  One of the most sought-after “jars” was actually a basket, filled with Easter goodies.
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