Voices from the Past

Melanie Maasdam performed her reading as the wife of a civil war soldier, reading letters he sent back home to his family. Photo by Kacey Ginn

A group of about 40 people attended a special event at the Heartland Museum on Saturday: “Voices from the Past,” where nine local community members read excerpts from historical documents and stories about the settlers of Wright County.

            The end of the presentation was highlighted by a special reading from Museum member Melody Lager, who told part of the story of Susan Carpenter, one of a well-to-do family from the Woolstock area in the early 20th Century. Speaking as Susan, Lager hinted that a special treasure that had belonged to the Carpenters would soon be on display at the museum. The treasure is currently unknown, but the “mystery at the museum” will be revealed in December.  


The museum may drop more hints before the reveal -- check back with the Monitor for more clues.