Two local business owners expanding their horizons to help other businesses ‘Level UP’

Left to right, Teresa Lancaster and Staci Miller, owners of the new marketing and consulting company Level UP. Photo by Bridget Shileny

Staci Miller and Teresa Lancaster are ladies who apparently do not need much downtime. Both are business owners in Clarion. Miller operates her own photography business- S.A.M’s Photography.

And Lancaster is one of the owners of Timbukbrü, the town’s successfully brewery. Yet, somehow, these ladies are finding time to start another business together that will tap into their strengths- a new marketing and consulting company called ‘Level UP.’

While neither Miller nor Lancaster grew up in Clarion, they have both been in town for the last several years and are deeply involved in the community. In addition to owning businesses, Lancaster is a city councilperson and Miller is on the Chamber Board. These positions have allowed both women to appreciate all that Clarion has to offer. Miller emphasizes, “We love our community. We love Wright County and want to enhance it.” Lancaster adds, “We’re a small community, and if we’re not growing, we’re dying.”

With this love of community and their talents, both women saw a unique opportunity, and earlier this year, starting playing with a big idea. They wondered if they could combine Miller’s skills with photography and Lancaster’s love of storytelling to help other businesses in the area market themselves. As Miller said, “We have a lot to showcase here and sometimes people don’t even realize it.”

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