Supervisors vote in new chairman and hold organizational meeting

2019 Wright County Board of Supervisors Chairman Rick Rasmussen (right) handed over the gavel to Dean Kluss (left) who will be the 2020 Chairman. Photo by Bridget Shileny

             The Wright County Board of Supervisors met for a special session last Thursday. This first meeting of the year was mostly organizational in purpose and functioned as the yearly re-set of county and board duties.

            First, the board voted on the new Chairman for the year, Dean Kluss. 2019 Chairman Rick Rasmussen will serve as Chairmen pro tem. County reimbursable mileage and drainage warrant interest were set at the same rates as last year – 48 cents a mile and 6 percent, respectively. The board discussed county employee holidays, and voted to give employees a half-day off Christmas Eve and a full day off President’s Day in 2020 in addition to the regular holidays observed as was the case last year.

            Petty cash funds for various courthouse departments were authorized at the same amounts as previous years. The treasurer’s end-of-year count of cash was also approved. Various new appointments to the eminent domain compensation commission were discussed since some members had passed away. The board made plans to contact new people to occupy the spots, taking into consideration gender equality on the boards. The supervisor’s appointments to regional committees stayed mostly the same.


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