School board votes for regular Wednesday early dismissal

As the 2016-17 academic year comes to a close, the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows school board and administration is already preparing for next year. The first item of business at the Monday night school board meeting was a calendar hearing—and one major change from previous calendar years was discussed: a weekly early dismissal for students on Wednesdays.

Superintendent Robert Olson suggested the schedule to accommodate the increased need for professional development under the state Teacher Leadership Compensation program. It would also allow teachers to meet for mentor/mentee time on Wednesday afternoons, another effort the school district has been trying to grow. Olson polled the teaching staff, and fully 75 percent of them supported the idea of a regular Wednesday early out.

In the draft schedule, there were a few exceptions to the Wednesday early out change—the first day back from winter break would be a Wednesday, which was suggested to be a full day rather than an early out; the day of the traditional Appreciation Breakfast (May 2) was also planned for a late start rather than an early out. Board members thought the inconsistency of the May 2 date might be a problem for families; after some discussion, they decided the district could do an afternoon appreciation event instead, and make May 2 an early out like other Wednesdays.

A large portion of teachers, almost 85 percent, also supported moving parent-teacher conferences closer to the end of the first quarter in November. The board moved to accept those changes in the school calendar.

With the approved school calendar, August 23 will be the first day of classes, and registration will be August 9.


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