The Ronald McDonald House: a home-away-from-home for Toliver family

Ronald McDonald stands for more than just Happy Meals. He’s also making a difference in the lives of sick children and their families, providing a place for them to stay, free of charge.  Gabe Toliver, son of Jess and Tiffini Toliver, was a recent resident of the Ronald McDonald House. Photo provided

It’s been nearly three years since Jess and Tiffini Toliver first met their soon-to-be-son’s birth mother.  They had been chosen to be the adoptive parents of little Gabriel.  At only five months into the pregnancy, the Tolivers were an important part of the process.
“We felt so very blessed to not only get a newborn (to adopt), but to actually be able to be a part of the prenatal care and the delivery,” said Tiffini.  “Jess even got to cut the cord.”
Baby Gabriel made his way into this world in November of 2015.  He was a beautiful, healthy, bouncing baby boy.  All looked good.  He even scored a perfect APGAR which assesses all of the baby’s functions.  But at nine weeks old, all of that changed.
After years of continuous health struggles, in July of 2017 Gabe was seen at the Aerodigestive Clinic  at Mayo Hospital in Rochester, where he was diagnosed with a T-cell deficiency.


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