Primary election: how Wright County voted

Out of 8,232 registered voters in Wright County, 1,352 voted during the primary election on June 5, a voter turnout of 16.42 percent.

For the Republican party, there were 993 voters; for Democrats, 350; and Libertarians, nine. (Libertarians earned major party status in Iowa and thus separate ballots when their 2016 presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, received 3.8 percent of the vote, surpassing the minimum 2 percent.)

 For the major local race, that for county supervisor, District 2, Dean Kluss won the nomination, with 553 votes. Doug Roelofsen earned 233, and Rod Brooks 198. Kluss took the majority vote in all precincts with the exception of Belmond, which voted 51 percent for Roelofsen.

Republican Secretary of Agriculture votes in Wright County were fairly proportionate to statewide votes. Mike Naig won in the county with 330 votes, followed by Dan Zumbach with 157, Craig Lang with 126, Ray Gaesser with 117 and Chad Ingels with 55. Statewide, Naig was just shy of the 35 percent needed to secure the nomination outright, so the Republican Candidate for secretary of agriculture will be decided by the GOP state convention.

Wright Democratic voters accorded with the state at large by choosing Fred Hubbell as their gubernatorial nominee with 226 votes. The runner-up was Cathy Glasson, with 62 votes. Hubbell will face off against current Republican governor Kim Reynolds in the fall.

While J.D. Scholten won by almost 20 percent of the Democratic vote for U.S. Representative across District 4, Scholten and candidate Leann Jacobsen had a tight race in Wright County, with Scholten edging it out with 173 votes to Jacobsen’s 132. John Paschen received 24 votes.

Incumbent Steve King beat out Cyndi Hanson for the Republican District 4 vote, with 650 votes to Hanson’s 275.

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