Meyer new to CGD high school but not new to teaching

Jeff Meyer is no stranger to the first day of school, even if he is new to the halls of Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School. Mr. Meyer has been teaching for an impressive 34 years in different schools across Iowa. This fall, he is excited to start teaching math at CDG.

Mr. Meyer started his education journey growing up in northwestern Iowa. After graduating high school, he originally wanted to stay home and work the farm, but his parents encouraged him go to college. With farming not his best option, he started thinking about his next choice: teaching math. Meyer says, “My math teacher tried to talk me out of it!” But as someone who had always enjoyed math, he didn’t change his course. He graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1985 with a teaching degree.

Before landing at CDG, Mr. Meyer previously taught at Northeast Hamilton. When the school closed to share high school classes with another school, Meyer ended up teaching in Meskwaki. He enjoyed this but since he lives in Blairsburg, going to work meant an 85-mile commute. Understandable, he was excited when a position opened in Clarion, cutting his commute down to a more reasonable 25 minutes.

For the full story, see the September 6th edition of the Monitor.