Local students take college classes and get unique experiences

Jordan Kastler, EGHS and Katie Haberman and Haley Nerem, C-G-D learn about sickle cell disease in biology lab.

 These days, it is not uncommon for high school students to begin their college careers a little early and take some college classes while still in high school. Less common though, is for students to take college classes for free and get diverse hands-on experiences even as they earn a college scholarship. This is the opportunity that North Central Career Academy in Eagle Grove offers Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School students, in addition to students from several other schools in the area.

 This program started in 2014 and is a branch of Iowa Central Community College. Colleen Bartlett who runs the Career Academy program explains that when the idea of such an educational opportunity was conceived a few years ago, there was no suitable place to locate it. However, when the National Guard moved out of a building in Eagle Grove, Iowa Central purchased it and remodeled it into an impressive mini-college complete with not only classrooms but a biology lab, hospital room simulations, and a huge industrial workshop.  The stage was clearly set for some great learning opportunities.


For the full story, see the September 27th edition of the Monitor.