It's a boy....AND A GIRL! Twin brother and sister are Wright County's first babies of 2019

Ezekiel Thomas Carll (pictured at left) was the first 2019 baby born in Wright County.  Not far behind him was his twin sister, Maiva Joy (pictured at right).   Photo by Kim Demory


       The night before Kandace Carll went for her first pregnancy ultrasound, she had a dream.  In that dream, the technician told her, “It looks like there’s two in here.”

      “And that’s almost exactly how it happened,” Kandace said with a big smile as she told the story of how she and her husband, Zachary, found out they were having twins.

       “It was shocking, but not really,” said Zachary.

       Although they said they never really thought about the possibility of having twins when they first got pregnant, it wasn’t really a big surprise to either of them.  Twins run on both sides of their family.  Kandace’s cousin just had twins within the last two months and Zachary has twin cousins.  As an added bonus, Kandace has also had lots of experience with twins having babysat a couple different sets over the years.



For the full story, see the Jan. 10th edition of the Monitor.