ISH performs 1000th weight loss surgery

Pictured are Jon Hardersen, PA-C, 1000th patient Nick Brown, and Dr. Todd Eibes the day of the surgery. To learn more about the Iowa Weight Loss Center in Belmond, you can visit online. Photo submitted

When Dr. Todd Eibes entered his Belmond operating room on May 14, it was just another day. Having performed bariatric surgeries for more than 15 years, he was exceptionally well prepared for the procedure that was, for him, routine. But the occasion marked a special event for Iowa Specialty Hospital: the 1,000th weight loss surgery performed in the facility.

For Nick Brown, the patient from Creston, Iowa, it was also a momentous occasion: the beginning of a healthier life.

So far, Brown has lost about 35 pounds and says he is doing really well.

“I can already tell I have more energy and drive,” he said.

For some, medically-guided weight loss without surgery may be the better option. But for those who undertake the surgery, average weight loss a year after the procedure is 60 percent of the patients’ excess weight, with some losing more and some less.

 “You still have to be compliant. You still have to get out there and exercise. The difference is, you’re not as hungry,” said Steve Simonin, CEO of Iowa Specialty Hospital. “It makes the journey a little bit easier.”


For the full story, see the June 14 edition of the Monitor.