Heartland Museum book sale a success

Visitors browse the books, which were set up in the community room at the museum. Photo submitted

Now that the old 4-H Schoolhouse museum has been moved to Heartland Museum property, Museum board members are working to get it ready for visitors. Estimated costs to outfit the schoolhouse with a handicap accessible ramp and door, plus clean up the inside and update the 4-H exhibits are about $10,000.

A used book sale, held last week at the Museum, took a big bite out of that needed amount.

The idea for the book sale came out of a brainstorm of funding ideas. The sale was museum board member Melody Lager’s suggestion.

“We could do it in February, the weather’s bad, people might like to read,” she said.

It turns out that people in the area do like to read. While the museum had an approximate fundraising goal of $300, they received close to $1,000 by the end of the sale, which the extended through the week due to poor weather on the first weekend.


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