Healthy Connections: The Right Way to Meet Your Weight Loss Resolution










      Ringing in a new year often

means declaring a resolution.

While we all want to look

and feel better, you’ll be more

successful with a goal focused

on health and not primarily on

weight loss. Avoid a quick-fix

approach and instead focus on

finding results in lifestyle changes

that are more likely to last.

For example, if you’re totally

inactive, perhaps work

up to walking a mile. If you’re

already active, try training for

a 5k race, or keep it simple by

just being active every day. Let

your goals be achievable and

based on things you can actually



      If you have health issues,

start there. Focus on targeting

hypertension, high cholesterol,

or blood sugar levels

versus weight loss. Stress, how

you handle your emotions,

lack of exercise, and sleep

patterns all play a role in your

overall health as well.

As you make your resolution

for 2020, the following

tips can help you achieve your



1. Set the right goals

Don’t doom yourself from

the start. Avoid having a target

weight as your goal. Obviously

you want to lose weight, but

instead strive for more energy,

increased stamina, and better



2. Be consistent

One bad meal won’t torch

your efforts, but habitually

poor choices will. Don’t look

at food as ‘always’ or ‘never,’

but develop long-term eating

patterns. Choosing healthy options

the majority of the time is

more sustainable than an “all

or nothing” mentality.


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