The gift of life: Local teen organizes blood drive in tribute to grandfather

HannahJo with her grandma Jo and grandpa Ron on Confirmation day 2016. Photo provided

          Christmas is the season of giving, a time to make a positive difference in the lives of the people around us - and what could be a greater gift than the gift of life? That’s exactly what HannahJo Gustafson-Hodson of Clarion is preparing to do through a community service project she is organizing in memory of her grandfather, Ron Gustafson. She’s putting together a blood drive scheduled for January 30th in hopes of saving other people’s lives, just like blood donations kept her grandfather alive for an extra two years. HannahJo is the oldest granddaughter of Jo and the late Ron Gustafson of Eagle Grove, and the story of her and her grandpa’s special relationship starts back on the day HannahJo was born in 2002.

            “My Dad came really quickly (when he found out I had had the baby),” recalled HannahJo’s Mom (Ron’s daughter). “He met the delivery nurse in the hallway (of the hospital) and it happened to be the exact same nurse that delivered Arek.”


For the full story and more photos, see the Jan. 3rd edition of the Monitor.