Dozens of people descend on church campgrounds to build a dorm

Nearly 100 volunteers helped to construct a new dorm on Northeast Iowa Christian Service Camp. The team was able to put up the buildingin three days, getting it "dried in" (weather proof), along with some of the internal work completed, getting ready for sheet rock and other finishing work. Photo by Karen Weld

“If you build it, he will come,” is one of the most well-known phrases in the Academy Award winner movie "Field of Dreams."

Recently the words could be reworked locally to say, “If they come, we will build it!” Recently, in three days, nearly 100 volunteers descended on Northeast Iowa Christian Service Camp, located northwest of Dumont, just off Highway 3.  And build it they did!

While the basement was in place, all the construction work on the 96’ x 28’ building was done between Friday and Sunday, October 20 – 22, by volunteers with the Mission Builders team. 

Clarion native Dean Kluss, who serves on the camp’s Executive Board, said, “It was absolutely amazing to watch the Hand of God with us. It was supposed to rain all day on Saturday. And the rain held off! It is just amazing to see the quality of the work and how quickly everything came together.”


For the full story, see the November 9 edition of the Monitor.