The Diamonds “sparkle” in our rural setting

Renee, Ella (age 4), Dawson (age 2 ½), and Josh Diamond. Photo by Karen Weld

Josh and Renee Diamond chose Clarion as their new home in 2011, and Clarion residents are glad they did. Since their arrival, both have been leaders in the community.

Renee’s career as a family practice physician led in their choice.

“I was in my second year of residency when we learned of Iowa Specialty Clinic and Hospital,” said Renee. “It has a good reputation of having a great group of doctors. It was recommended to us that we take a look here. I have a highly trained and compassionate staff. They are all very compassionate and good people with whom to work. It is so rewarding to be able to provide great medical care in a small setting.”

Josh has served on the Clarion City Council for two years of a four-year term, a role which he enjoys. As do all council members, he serves on a variety of committees.

“I wanted to be on the council to help make positive contributions to our community,” he said, “rather than complain about something which might need to be done.”


For the full story, see the April 19 edition of the Monitor.