Day campers explore robots and rockets


Campers also enjoyed watching the explosive chemical reaction of putting a Mentos candy into soda. The soda spews into the air when you drop the candy in.

            At the recent Robots and Rockets Clover Camp held in Clarion, kindergarten through third grade campers got to be engineers, chemists, and coders for the day.

            In the morning, campers got to explore 4 different apps with their Dash robots, including Blockly, GO, Wonder, and Path. With their robots, campers could stack blocks on Blockly to code the robot to move, dance, change colors and talk. Using Go and Wonder, campers used the controller to drive Dash around, change colors and talk. With Wonder, campers could either draw a path they wanted Dash to take or they could try to stay on the racetrack on their tablet controller and see if Dash could do it in real life. 

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