City council declares nuisances, approves temporary abatement for Central Ave properties

The Clarion City Council spent almost an hour at the beginning of their meeting last Tuesday holding a nuisance hearing for three properties. The properties at 1407, 1413, and 1501 Central Avenue are owned by Hanson & Son’s Tire. Che Hanson requested a hearing on the properties after receiving a letter giving 20 days to rectify the nuisances that they had received for junk and tires on the property.  Hanson explained they keep the properties as clean as they can with limited manpower and that a big part of their business is used tires, which requires them to have lots of tires around. He also noted that it sometimes takes a while to get rid of old, unusable tires. Hanson expressed concern that other businesses aren’t receiving the same treatment as he is despite problems on their properties.

            Various council members explained that they are starting the process of pursuing nuisances and will get to other businesses in time if they are in violation. However, they also reminded him that other properties have no bearing on the properties that the hearing was dealing with. While councilman Andy Young repeatedly asked how much time they need to fix the nuisances, Teresa Lancaster was surprised Hanson did not come with a specific plan of action. She requested that the council make a decision right away. In the end, the council declared the properties nuisances and abated them for an extra 30 days, giving Hansons until mid-October to fix the problem. At that time, they can also request more time to make improvements.

For the full story, check out this week's Monitor. 

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