Citizens have questions about new housing

To accommodate the new apartment building, 14th street would be extended to the north into the field shown here. White Fox Landing is just west of the proposed development site. Photo by Kacey Ginn

While news of a new apartment building coming to Clarion is exciting for those feeling the crunch of the housing crisis, residents near the proposed site have some concerns about what the apartments mean for the city.

Some residents of the nearby White Fox Landing development asked about the development at the June 18 city council meeting.

Jordan Cook, city administrator, said that 14th Street would be extended to the north to accommodate the building. Douglas A. Carlson Development plans to construct a $5.25 million, 36-unit building, ranging from one to three bedrooms each and with rents from $750-$950. Once the building is full, they would be interested in building a second similar building, and possibly more depending on demand. A row of trees would separate the building or buildings from the White Fox development, Cook said.

While objections weren’t raised to increasing housing, a few speakers were worried that if unsupervised, the apartments would attract multiple families living in one unit. They were also worried about the quality of the building.

“We just want our property values to stay,” said Cindy Dorn.

The council replied that Carlson Developments had a good reputation, and plans for the $5.25 million building looked good. The building will also have its own office and an on-site manager to supervise.


For the full story, see the June 28 edition of the Monitor.