C-G-D Friends Club asks for community help to spread Thanksgiving spirit

            Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and kindness, and one club at the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows High School hopes the community will get into that spirit to help some of their neighbors. The C-G-D Friends Club is excited to announce that they are planning a FRIENDS-Giving to help feed several families in the community and are hoping for help from the surrounding towns to gather supplies for the event.

            The Friends Club has been active for the past three years at the high school. The club’s co-president Shelby Fink explains that the purpose of the club is to bring together students of different abilities, needs and learning levels within the school. Particularly, she says, they seek to build connections between special education students and the rest of the student body and celebrate their similarities. Fink explains, “We try to bring students together, whether it’s just talking outside the classroom to someone different than you or sitting with that person at lunch so they’re not alone.”

See the Nov. 1st edition of the Monitor for the full story.