C-G-D 7th graders embrace the spirit of giving this Christmas

Left to right, Chelsea Grandgeorge and Gabriel Lesher give their handmade craft to Meadows Assisted Living resident Arlene Croxell. The students enjoyed visiting with residents in addition to giving the gifts. Photo by Bridget Shileny

            Everyone knows that the holidays are the season for giving. And a few seventh grade classes at Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School have embraced that purpose these last several weeks. Three different middle school classes have spent weeks working on crafts and gifts that they delivered last week to elderly residents at three Clarion facilities.

            This is not the first year that middle school students have participated in the gift-giving activities. The teacher in whose class the students make the gifts (who asked to be unnamed), explained that this was the 12th year the classes have made gifts. The students are artistic and resourceful with their creations. They decide themselves what to make, meticulously researching websites like Pinterest for crafty ideas.  Most of the gifts they make are little “upcycled” knick-knacks created with a few craft supplies, things you could find around the house and a lot of imagination. This year, the students created fun little gifts like santas made out of toilet paper tubes or paper plates, reindeer out of puzzle pieces and Christmas trees out of popsicle sticks.


For the full story, see the Dec. 27th edition of the Monitor.