Boulders Inn and Suites welcomes community with open house

Pictured are staff and friends of the Boulders Inn: Kathleen Watts, Rachel Johnson, Sue Tester, Cheryl Balderas, Kitty Aldrich, ad Julie Schroeder. Balderas holds the Iowa Tourism Award trophy the Boulders chain received this year.

When you think of a hotel, you probably image a place merely for out-of-town guests to stay—not really a part of the local community. But Sue Tester, manager of the Boulders Inn and Suites in Clarion since November, thinks a relationship with locals is an important aspect of a hotel’s operation. “Without participating with some of the local people, being part of the community, we’ll go nowhere fast,” she said.

The Boulders Inn and Suites held open house on April 14, which brought in a steady stream of visitors throughout the day to see the new hotel’s rooms and amenities. Some local businesses also set up displays and information.

The first Boulders Inn and Suites was built in 2008 in Denison, Iowa. The small hotel chain now has 11 locations in Iowa and one opening in Missouri. “We’re not a big-city hotel. We’re more small town,” Tester said.

The chain’s focus on hospitality in rural areas recently earned them an Iowa Tourism Award for rural hotels.


For the full story, see the April 20 edition of the Monitor.