4-H Museum moves to the Heartland

The Museum has been up on stilts for more than a month in preparation for the move. Here, movers finish hitching the schoolhouse building to the truck. Photo by Kacey Ginn

“The one-room schoolhouse in Gazebo Park is Wright County’s own contribution to American History.”

So stated an article in the June 17, 1982 edition of the Wright County Monitor, which highlighted the schoolhouse as the symbol of Clarion’s Festival in the Park.

 On December 19, the old 4-H Schoolhouse Museum, which had been located in the Gazebo Park in Clarion for close to 65 years, was moved to property owned by the Heartland Museum. The change should allow more people to learn about and appreciate how 4-H got its start.

“We are very pleased and excited to have the school house moved to our property,” said Melody Lager with the Heartland Museum. “The story it tells of early one-room schools and the beginning phases of 4-H has an impact on us still today. We will be working as we can to get it prepared for opening in late May.”